Hello! My name is Lisa Nunamaker Orgler.

I teach landscape design at Iowa State University in the Department of Horticulture.

I love teaching others about garden design and graphics.

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IT ALL STARTED... 2009 when I jumped into the blogging world with my only intent to draw everyday. I drew food, gardens, made notecards and posters, whipped up illustrations for fellow bloggers and companies, then finally came around to my true love of garden design and education. It’s an adventure to see how our experiences and talents take us down a seemingly circuitous road to one that merges into something that finally feels right.

That’s where I’ve arrived today...into a place that I can use my illustration skills to teach a topic that I adore - garden design and landscape graphics.

The word PAPER connects to the idea of how we design and plan our gardens on paper first (even when I create digital drawings, I always begin with paper for initial concepts). The word WORKSHOP connects to the idea of practicing the concepts of design and graphics. When possible I’ll continue to show you step-by-step ideas of how to draw and design gardens, in hopes that you’ll try them too. The words together, PAPER GARDEN WORKSHOP creates a spirited place to learn garden design.

The objectives of Paper Garden Workshop include:

  • To provide content on how to plan, design and draw your garden (which happens on paper initially!)

  • To provide activities and formats for you to try some of these concepts (this is the workshop part)

  • To provide garden design examples from a unique angle to constantly inspire you

  • To provide a place that is spirited, fresh, and welcoming no matter your design experience level