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DESIGN WITH ME - Brainstorming

As most of know, I'm currently in the midst of designing a theme garden by following my five magical steps:

1. Pick a theme 

2. Brainstorm (we'll discuss this below!)

3. Research

4. Translate ideas to physical form

5. Create the plan


Now that we have a theme (heavy metal) it's time to start transforming it into a garden. Brainstorming is an important step in this process.  

What is brainstorming?

  • generating a list of words/ideas around one topic
  • free-flow, no bad ideas
  • by yourself okay, but more people generate more ideas 

I can't stress this enough...make this list as long as possible.  Please don't write down three things then stop. Challenge yourself to write down 50 words!  If you're stuck, call a friend and have them add to it.  Remember, these don't have to relate to gardening...just your theme.

With all of your help I was able to create a fabulous brainstorming list below.  Please take a look.

I admit this list is a little dark, especially for me, but that's what makes it interesting.  I'm sure my happy-go-lucky style will balance out the rough and tumble a little in the end.  This will be interesting.

I'm so excited about this list and can't wait for the next step: RESEARCH.  The purpose of research is to make the above list just a tad bit longer and richer.  I'll do some heavy metal research this weekend on my own, then get back to you early next week...because I'll need your help again for step four (lot's of help, because step four is the really cool part). 

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