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The next part of step four in our theme garden design process is choosing all the pretty extras!  First a quick review of the five steps:

1. Pick a theme 

2. Brainstorm

3. Research 

4. Translate ideas to physical form (yes, we're still here!)

5. Create the plan


Garden ornament is the frosting on the cake.

These are the details that make your space extra-special like lighting, containers, art, mirrors, banners, and fountains.

Please, please keep it simple.  Choose one or two special ornaments so that the final result is focused.  Too many items will make your space chaotic and ultimately uncomfortable. 

As with the other steps, take a look at our brainstorming and research lists to see if anything might inspire a fabulous selection of garden ornament.  This is what popped into my head:

Yes, it seems that I can make heavy metal "cute", though that is not my intent (I just can't control myself). I'm sure you can come up with many more ideas, but hopefully this shows you a good start.  I do want to stress again that's it's important to keep it simple.  You may have tons of ideas, but focus on the ones that best illustrate your theme (and are within your budget).

We are finally approaching the last part of step four....choosing plant materials!  This will take me a few days, but if you have any ideas for plants to get started, I'd love to hear them!

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