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The Power of Weeds

Here in the Midwest the rain has been pouring, so the weeds have been celebrating.  If we don't stay ahead of them they can take control of our gardens and make us feel powerless. I challenge you to take a step back and change your perspective towards these unwelcome guests. Rather they having power over you, how can you create power by their presence?

I enjoy weeding (there, I said it). Why? Because I feel powerful around them.

I earn the power of physical activity. It's a great way to add variety to your exercise routine (if you have one and if not, you just earned a little sweat).

I am rewarded with the power of contemplation. Weeding gives me the chance to slow down, let my thoughts wander, and open my mind to new ideas. 

I am bonded with the power of connection. Weeding allows me to get closer to my plants, learn more about them, watch their progress, and simply helps me develop a better relationship to something I created.

I am fulfilled with the power of accomplishment. Some days I feel like I've rushed through life and not achieved a single thing. With weeding you see (and feel) accomplishment within minutes.

Change your perspective and celebrate the power of weeds.

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