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Instagram Gardening

Instagram Gardening

When I finally jumped on the smart phone bandwagon last year I was most excited about partaking in the Instagram community.  I was not only excited about taking and sharing my own photos, but couldn't wait to dive into the photographic worlds of others...especially those with a garden spin.  Below are some of my current favorites.  These are not all garden instagramers per se, but they include many beautiful garden-related and food images that will hopefully inspire you, as they do me.  Enjoy!


Ben Wagner is a designer and illustrator with a whimsical eye for taking photos.  


Kiana Underwood is a San Francisco-based floral stylist that has the sweetest, most cheerful images.


Beth Kirby explores the art of simple living.  She has such a beautiful, rustic and vintage feel to her photos.


Yes, that's me!  I wanted to share the other parts of my world that don't necessarily pop up on my blog, but do on my Instagram account: more gardening, antiques, architecture and my family.  

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