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Spatial vs. Planting Design

Spatial vs. Planting Design

After reviewing your responses to my 2015 Survey (which I greatly appreciate you taking the time to fill out) two topics rose to the top: spatial design and planting design.  Before I jump into either one, I felt it was important to discuss their differences. Those new to garden design may not realize both exist...and are important.  Spatial design can easily be overlooked, by jumping ahead into planting design. It's like writing a sentence without understanding the overall structure of the paper. 

Spatial Design

This is the overall spatial arrangement (or structure) of your garden.  Spaces (or rooms) are defined then arranged so they relate to each other in the appropriate way for a client.  To figure out spatial design one would go through a series of functional diagrams (bubble diagrams) and concept drawings. I'll explain these more in future posts.

Planting Design

Once the spatial design is finalized, plants and other hardscape elements are used to define those spaces. Planting beds are formed to reinforce the spaces you created. It is within these beds that the magic of planting design occurs. Planting areas should not be placed willy-nilly, but always with purpose.

Both spatial and planting design have guidelines and processes to aid the designer (which means many more posts to come!).

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