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My Unofficial 2015 Garden Trends List

My Unofficial 2015 Garden Trends List

Some of you have asked me to share some garden design trends for 2015, so over the past couple of weeks I did some research.  It included reviewing official garden trend reports (which I'll share at the end of this post) to exploring trends in non-garden areas such as fashion and the arts.  Since my feet land in both the garden and illustration world, it was difficult to separate them which resulted in the five trends below.


I always enjoy using Pantone's color of the year as a starting point. This year highlights an elegant, wine-inspired color that makes me think of foxes and woodland imagery (which spurred my second trend). Choose flowers and leaves that include this burgundy hue, then try pairing them with light pinks, whites or daring chartreuse.


With marsala's woodland-feel and the craft world celebrating woodsy critters everywhere I'm hoping garden design will also explore this magical style. Some of the official trend reports also mentioned the popularity of curved bed lines which perfectly blends in with these shady spaces. I also love the idea of pulling luxury items like linens and fancy chairs from the house into your woodland setting. To top it off, I was thrilled to see that Timber Press just released a book titled, Designing and Planting a Woodland Garden.  How perfect is that?  Please feel free to visit my Woodland Elegance Pinterest board for more inspiration.


With the overall trend towards edible gardening, why not move outdoors to enjoy your harvest? Think about how your vegetable garden can include a pretty patio or simply use another space nearby. Incorporate elegant tablecloths, antique dishes, flower arrangements from your perennial border and, of course, an amazing meal straight from your garden. I've collected more images of this trend on my Outdoor Entertaining Pinterest board.

photos via 1.  once wed , 2.  100 layer cake , and 3.  fabulous fifi .

photos via 1. once wed, 2. 100 layer cake, and 3. fabulous fifi.


My husband and I are avid American Pickers fans since we are crazy antique collectors. While watching one night, someone on the show said "ya know, rust is in."  It made me zone in on the rusty and reclaimed items we've been including in our gardens. Gather rusty items with a vintage vibe or a clean contemporary spin. Either goes.  Amazingly marsala is a similar color tone to rust with a twist of elegance. Take a peek at more ideas for your garden on my Rusty and Reclaimed Pinterest board.


I was beyond thrilled to see that clotheslines were included on the official garden trend reports for this year, so had to include it on mine.  I have been fanatic about the idea of laundry yards for years. The landscape plans in my antique garden books always included a sweet little place for a clothesline. It makes me dream of beautiful old homes surrounded with flower gardens and fresh linens blowing in the breeze.   It makes sense with our focus on sustainability.  Now to muster up the time to hang up laundry for a family of five! Of course, I have a Laundry Yard Pinterest board with more lovely images.

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