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Theme Garden Design Process: Brainstorming & Research

Theme Garden Design Process: Brainstorming & Research

Thanks again for joining me on this adventure of creating a theme garden.  In my last post we covered the first step and chose the theme: KNITTING.  In this post I'll cover steps two and three which includes brainstorming, then research.


1. Pick a theme

2. Brainstorm (we'll cover this below!)

3. Research (we'll also cover this below!)

4. Translate to physical form (things like colors, structure, furniture and plants)

5. Create the plan


Now that we have a theme (KNITTING) it's time to start transforming it into a garden. Brainstorming is an important step in this process.  

What is brainstorming?

  • generating a list of words/ideas around one topic
  • free-flow, no bad ideas
  • by yourself okay, but more people generate more ideas 

I can't stress this enough...make this list as long as possible.  Please don't write down three things then stop. Challenge yourself to write down 50 words!  If you're stuck, call a friend and have them add to it. Remember, these don't have to relate to gardening...just your theme.

With all of your help I was able to create a fabulous brainstorming list below.  Please take a look:


I mentioned above that it's important to make your idea list as long as possible, since that's what feeds the rest of your design.  The research step helps lengthen this idea list.  Research allows you to find out more about your topic....things you wouldn't necessarily know off the top of your head.  It makes your design so much richer.  You can put as much time into this step as you'd like...visit a library, interview an expert or simply Google your topic.  Ten minutes or ten hours, but it's important that you don't skip this step. It often leads to amazing ideas.

Below are my very simple research notes on knitting. I'd like to thank and for this information. Visit both sites if you'd like to learn more.

Now that we have our brainstorming and research lists complete it's time to start designing! Woo-hoo!  

In my next post I'll begin step four: translating your ideas to physical form. We'll start with colors within this step. I'd love your help with colors.  Let me know in the comments or over on Facebook what colors pop out from our brainstorming and research lists...or what colors shout knitting to you?

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Theme Garden Design Process: Color

Theme Garden Design Process: Color

My Theme Garden Design Process

My Theme Garden Design Process