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Theme Garden Design Process: Ornamentation

Theme Garden Design Process: Ornamentation


1. Pick a theme

2. Brainstorm

3. Research

4. Translate to physical form:

5. Create the plan


Garden ornament is the frosting on the cake.

These are the details that make your space extra-special like lighting, containers, art, mirrors, banners, fountains or any additional tidbit you can imagine.

Please, please keep it simple.  Choose one or two special ornaments so that the final result is focused.  Too many items will make your space chaotic and ultimately uncomfortable. 

As with the other steps, take a look at our brainstorming and research lists to see if anything might inspire a fabulous selection of garden ornament.  

With knitting I could have spun off into many directions, but I decided to keep it simple and elegant by focusing on the yarn ball itself...or a sphere.  Below are some of the things that spun off that idea (no pun intended).

1. These hanging lights look like small yarn balls and would make any evening extra-special.  These could also be a collection of hand-made glue yarn balls.

2. If you have the time and talent, this succulent topiary kissing ball would be a beautiful addition to your knitting garden. You could also try something similar with a wire frame covered in ivy.

3. I love the simplicity of this terra cotta pot filled with stone spheres.  It reminds me of a basket filled with yarn, but weather proof!

4. Speaking of stone spheres...why not scatter a few in different sizes as accents in and around your planting beds? Add some rustic charm by allowing moss to take over.

5. For those that like the sound of water, this is a neat sphere fountain by Lowes and another nice design by Stonesmith Garden Vessels.

6. I just whipped up this container design myself.  I imagined it being stone, with yarn strands carved in. 

7. These spheres are the epitome of yarn balls in either barbed wire or willow.  Another option are these lovely dogwood twig spheres.

We are finally approaching the last part of step four....choosing plant materials!  This will take me a few days, but if you have any ideas for plants to get started, I'd love to hear about them in the comments below or on Facebook.

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Theme Garden Design Process: Plant Materials

Theme Garden Design Process: Plant Materials

Theme Garden Design Process: Furniture

Theme Garden Design Process: Furniture