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Theme Garden Design Process: Furniture

Theme Garden Design Process: Furniture


1. Pick a theme

2. Brainstorm

3. Research

4. Translate to physical form:

5. Create the plan


Now it’s time to dress up our knitting garden with some cozy furniture. This is a great way to extend your garden into something livable.

Using our lists as inspiration once again use the shapes, colors, and possible other words and objects to assist in the selection of chairs, benches, and tables.

Your furniture can be a little crazy or simply paint a traditional item one of your theme colors.

Some possibilities for furniture inspired by ideas from our brainstorming and research lists might include:

1. These knitted chairs were designed by Muse.  Could they have been made special just for our theme garden? Crazy!

2. This table's top looks like a yarn ball! You can find it on

3. This metal chair reminded me of knitting in rows. Simple and sweet.

4. This is named the "loop chair" which grabbed my knitting attention right away, plus it is reminiscent of a yarn ball.  It can be found at Urban Outfitters.  Here is another cute round chair, plus another similar design that is not quite round, but still yarn-like.

5. For those that like to recycle, these are old tires covered in a beautiful knitted skin.  So soft and fabulous! Created by Heins Home.

6. Who doesn't need a looped table for their knitting garden? This one was created by Baita Design.

7. I was just toying with the idea of a yarn ball chair.  It could be made of metal with the "yarn strips" crossing over each other as the back support.

8. This chair is all knitting and comfort.  It may have to be protected from the weather a bit, but worth it.  Created by Veronik A.

9. I threw in this traditional bench, because the pattern reminded me of a cable knit.  You could even paint it one of our theme garden colors.  Found at Belle Escape.

In my next post I'll discuss how to choose ornament for our knitting garden. Until then, you're invited to peek at my KNITTING GARDEN PINTEREST BOARD where I've collected additional furniture images for your viewing pleasure. 

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Theme Garden Design Process: Ornamentation

Theme Garden Design Process: Ornamentation

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