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Creating a Knitting Garden

Creating a Knitting Garden

We have officially completed the five steps of creating a theme garden! Thanks for following along and giving great input the last few weeks.  

To finish up I've listed the five steps below with links to all the appropriate posts (for those that would like to see the whole process again).  


1. Pick a theme

2. Brainstorm

3. Research

4. Translate to physical form:

5. Create the plan (I'll cover this below!)


All those fabulous colors, hardscapes, furniture, garden ornaments, and plant materials will now merge to create a unique space.

Of course, there are hundreds of possible combinations and I hope you have many other ideas to make your knitting garden special.

Some design hints...

Rather than just plopping elements into your garden, think about how you can create a nice space.

Make sure lawn, patios and bed spaces are all purposeful...not just leftover spaces.  They should all have strong shapes.

Most importantly, keep your design simple. Don’t try to incorporate all your ideas.  Focus on the ones that make the most sense for your garden.


  • It includes a loop structure that wraps around a patio for group knitting, plus a private space to enjoy knitting alone.
  • The paving represents a basketweave knitting pattern.
  • The blue furniture includes an over-sized knit pattern on the arms, while the single purple chair is inspired by a yarn ball, as are both tables.
  • Garden ornament includes woven willow spheres.
  • Colors were inspired by irish cable-knit sweaters: blue (sea), purple (cool weather), white (wool) and gray (rocks).
  • The plants were chosen for the reasons listed above.

Again, thank you for taking on this adventure with me.  It's always a thrill to see how this process evolves.  If you'd like to see additional ideas collected for my knitting garden, please visit my Pinterest Board.  What would you have included in a knitting garden?

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