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When someone signs up for my email updates they have the option to share their website.  I love reading other garden blogs and this is a great way to learn about new ones. As I was snooping through my subscriber list this week I found the gems below (there are many other gems that I hope to share in the future too!).  For those of us tucked in the cold of winter, this is a great way to do some garden dreaming.  Note: Some of these are not in English, so you'll need to use your browser translator (worth the effort!). 

Claire Talbot: The Garden Make-Over Blog


Ecology Artisans

The Good Garden


The Landwoman

LK Landscape Design: The Designer's Notebook


Robin Powell

I also curate a collection of garden blogs on this Pinterest board for more winter dreaming. Enjoy!

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Narrowing Down Your Plant Choices

Narrowing Down Your Plant Choices

Cut and Paste Garden

Cut and Paste Garden