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Paper Garden Workshop

Paper Garden Workshop

You might see some new changes around here. I’m over-the-top excited about my new website, new name and a special new online workshop. The name PAPER GARDEN WORKSHOP better communicates my desire to teach garden design in an active, fun and simple way.

The word PAPER connects to the idea of how we design and plan our gardens on paper first (even when I create digital drawings, I always begin on paper for initial concepts). The word WORKSHOP connects to the idea of practicing the concepts of design and graphics. When possible I’ll continue to show you step-by-step ideas of how to draw and design gardens, in hopes that you’ll try them too. The words together, PAPER GARDEN WORKSHOP creates a spirited place to learn garden design. 

Note that the new url is, though you will still be able to find me through If you’re on my email list you’ll still receive updates without doing a thing, so just sit back and relax.

Paper Garden Workshop objectives are:

  • To provide content on how to plan, design and draw your garden (which happens on paper initially!)

  • To provide activities and formats for you to try some of these concepts (this is the workshop part)

  • To provide garden design examples from a unique angle to constantly inspire you

  • To provide a place that is spirited, fresh, and welcoming no matter your design experience level


One of the ways I’d like to provide garden design education is through online workshops. I’m excited about my first one: CREATING A THEME GARDEN IDEA BOOKLET.  This self-paced workshop will help you with an important step in the design process - the initial information-gathering stage.  This workshop is not about creating a final design, but instead shows how to pull all your ideas together before putting pen to paper. Oftentimes we feel overwhelmed with how to start a garden design, because we’ve skipped this important step.

You’ll not only explore your ideas, but have access to the idea booklet pages of other workshop participants in our Google+ classroom. This will expose you to a broader world of theme garden concepts. I’m hoping once you’ve created your idea booklet (which will be in a digital format) you’ll be inspired and more confident to take the next step of designing.

You can find out more about this workshop by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

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Garden Coloring Sheets

Garden Coloring Sheets

Tools to Draw Your Landscape Plans

Tools to Draw Your Landscape Plans