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Garden Coloring Sheets

Garden Coloring Sheets

Between updating my website and writing some future technical posts my mind is in a swirl. I decided to draw this week to give my head a rest, so made the coloring sheet below. You can print it out as a .pdf to color yourself (and also give your brain a rest) or use it as an opportunity to practice some color rendering skills. Share your finished coloring sheets with #drawyourgarden on Instagram and Twitter.

Some things to think about with color:

  • Whether using marker or color pencil, limit yourself to 3-7 colors. Coloring sheets are great practice for this.

  • Think about what you'd like as a focal point and make sure it contrasts with everything else. Maybe you leave it uncolored (so it's white) or use a color completely different from the others around it (like light to dark or complimentary colors...those opposite on the color wheel).

  • If using color pencil, try layering some colors to make new ones, plus try both dark and light tones.

  • Stick with the same angle when rendering large spaces with marker or pencil. I use a 45 degree angle, but choose what works best for you. This makes your rendering feel more cohesive.

  • Mostly importantly, experiment and have fun.

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Would you like a bonus coloring sheet with different graphics?

Click here to grab another one.

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