Our masterclasses are done for this spring, but you're welcome to join us in the GARDEN DESIGN COLLECTIVE to learn more about design. 



you will learn about the basic unit of landscape design: the garden room. Once we understand that we're creating outdoor SPACES (rather that simply placing objects in the landscape) our design perspective is transformed.
Some highlights include...

- 1 -

Exploring the basic unit of landscape design

and it's importance in creating functional outdoor spaces.

- 2 -

Learning how to define space with garden planes

by creating the  floors, walls and ceilings of your outdoor rooms.

- 3 -

Discussing how we use outdoor rooms

and how that impacts your final design.

- 4 -

Plus two perks...

A special PDF Garden Guide  (I admit, I'm super excited). 

...plus, I'll also discuss my membership: THE GARDEN DESIGN COLLECTIVE at the end of each masterclass. This is a great time to ask questions about this amazing experience.

Are you open to a mind-shift regarding landscape design?

Often we jump too far ahead in the design process and start placing plants without defining the space (or room) first, then suddenly have a lot of planting beds that surround left-over, bubblegum-like, awkward spaces (often time this space is a lawn).

Let's step back and define our outdoor spaces first, then use our beautiful plants to define these rooms later. This is an important concept to understand as you progress in your garden design journey. Let's use this masterclass to establish that foundation.

This masterclass is a MUST ATTEND if...

  • You're a homeowner that loves the craft of garden design and would like to learn foundational skills to start creating your outdoor spaces.
  • You're a budding landscape designer wanting to move from your own backyard creations to those of paying clients...and hoping to expand your design knowledge in this fabulous profession.
  • You're an┬áestablished landscape designer that would like to explore┬áthe basics of landscape design from a different perspective.

A personal invitation from Lisa...


I've been teaching landscape design for over twelve years to college students, enthusiastic gardeners, plus budding designers around the world.

Pair that with my own design and illustration experience to differentiate my teaching methods into a simple, fun and approachable style.

My masterclass highlights this unique perspective and opens the door into the beautiful world of landscape design.

If you're committed to making this the year you finally start  learning about this lovely profession, I can't wait to help get you there faster.

See you soon!