I just wanted to let you know that I think you have a real gem of a website. I am an interior designer by trade. I have been asked to participate in an evidenced based design study that investigates how interior designers can incorporate therapeutic gardens into their designs. I was looking for information on how to properly communicate design intent in a landscape design and stumbled across you website. Your drawings are amazing. Your instruction is super easy to follow. Thank you for sharing your gift so a girl like me can look like she knows what she’s doing, if even at least a little bit. Really impressed,
— Danielle in Texas
Wow, Lisa. You just keep amazing me with your creativity and teaching expertise! What a wonderful lesson! Thank you ;)
— Diane in California
Hi Lisa, I am a middle age woman, who has always loved gardening and plants etc. and decided 18 months ago to start a landscape design course. This course runs over two years and I am now half way through it. It has been challenging but have loved it nevertheless. When I was trying to work through the difficult process of drawing, which I do not find easy at all, I came across your website. It was so lovely, and got me back in touch with the essence of what I love and brought down my stress. So thank you for your website, and your generous posts.
— Anne in Australia
Just to let you know that your e-mails are always so beautiful and I appreciate them so much. Every time I receive one I’m looking forward to the next. Your gardening news {is} interesting, your drawings gorgeous and you have such good taste - a joy for the eyes! Keep them coming, please. Best regards
— Roberta in Italy
Dear Lisa, As a student of architecture in Egypt, I was never properly taught how to present architecture/ landscape. So that eventually led to me hating all things related to presentation. Yet I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago and was mindblown! I never knew it could be so cool!!!! (read that in a hyped 4-year-old voice). So thank you for making everything look more meaningful and interesting!! And now I actually really want to learn that stuff!!! (bags of love and fireworks from the lands of happy and excite).
— Mona in Egypt
I love how you clearly show, through drawings and words, the language of landscape plan drawing. It’s really like having a secret decoder to translate something that would normally seem to exist on a very mathematical, abstract plane. Thank you for your wonderful teaching!
— Benita
Hey Lisa, I’m currently a landscape design senior at the University of Delaware and I just want to say your website is phenomenal! You share so much information that I wish I had access to my freshman year of college. By now I have learned many of the techniques you mention on the site, and are more than familiar with the symbols, but I had to learn them on my own with trial and error. I’m so glad that you share this information openly with the public in an easy to understand way. It’s just perfect for people who aren’t very familiar with the process, but also a great tool to keep those already familiar with the process, sharp in the mind.
— Sarah in Delaware