Our masterclasses are finished for this year, but if you'd like to learn more about drawing your garden please explore our 8-week course: GARDEN GRAPHICS TOOL KIT.

We look forward to meeting you! 


you will learn how simple graphic skills can build your confidence and inspire your garden vision. 
These tips include: 

- 1 -

A variety of line weights

and how these are the most powerful way to add depth and clarity to your garden drawings. Just this tip is worth its weight in gold.

- 2 -

A collection of pens + pencils

that can produce a range of thin to thick lines to help you achieve line weight magic. Plus, I'll share some of my favorites.

- 3 -

A finite selection of plant symbols

that highlight how only a few styles are needed to represent evergreen, deciduous and perennial plants (rather than a symbol for every species on your plan).

- 4 -

A limited color palette

and how this keeps your graphics focused and beautiful. 

- 5 -

A fabulous roll of tracing paper

is a magical tool that gives you permission to explore idea after idea.

I love how you clearly show, through drawings and words, the language of landscape plan drawing. It's really like having a secret decoder to translate something that would normally seem to exist on a very mathematical, abstract plane. Thank you for your wonderful teaching!

- Benita in Italy

The skills you need to draw your garden just got way simpler.

Can you imagine being able to sketch your garden ideas without stumbling on what pen to grab, how to draw a plant symbol or what colors to add?

Join me to get started on this beautiful journey on what it takes to graphically communicate your garden ideas.



First, I made a special gift that I'll share with you in my masterclass (I admit, I'm super excited). 

...AND second, if you want to continue this journey with me, I'll also discuss my 8-Week Course: GARDEN GRAPHICS TOOL KIT at the end of each masterclass. Enrollment opens January 10. It's a great opportunity to build on the five tips with many, many more super cool skills!

This masterclass is a MUST ATTEND if...

  • You're a homeowner that loves the craft of garden design, who would like to draw what you’ve already created, plus sketch your future garden dreams.
  • You're a budding landscape designer wanting to move from your own backyard creations to those of paying clients and just needing those extra drawing skills to communicate your amazing designs.
  • You're an established landscape designer that would like to refine your garden graphic skills.

A personal invitation from Lisa...



I've been teaching garden graphics for over twelve years to college students + enthusiastic gardeners.

Pair that with my design and illustration experience to differentiate my drawing methods into a simple, yet approachable style.

My masterclass highlights this unique perspective and opens the door into a beautiful world of simple garden graphics.

If you're committed to making this the year you finally perfect your drawing skills, I can't wait to help get you there faster.

See you there!