Simple and fun drawing techniques to help communicate your garden vision


In this inspiring 8-week online course you will go fromĀ being hesitantĀ about your ability to draw garden elements to feeling confident through step-by-step workbooks, videos and lots of engaging hands-on activities.

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Whether You're...

  • A homeowner that loves the craft of garden design, that would like to draw what you’ve already created, plus sketch your future garden dreams.

  • A budding landscape designer wanting to move from your own backyard creations to those of paying clients and just needing those extra drawing skills to communicate your amazing designs.

  • An established landscape designer hoping to refine their graphics skills.



YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE and I’ll tell you exactly how the Garden Graphics Tool Kit will give you the skills, inspiration and unparalleled support on your journey to mastering drawing techniques in order to communicate your garden vision.

By the end of this course, you will...

  • Understand the drawing tools needed and what they achieve when drafting your garden vision.
  • Expertly use line weights to add depth, interest and legibility to your garden drawings.
  • Gain clarity in your ability to draw hardscapes and plants in plan view AND in elevation.
  • Understand how to apply both colored pencil and marker to plan drawings.
  • Have demonstrated your drawing skills on a series of prepared garden plans...a technique that allows you to focus on drawing, rather than getting overwhelmed with the overall design.
  • Understand how to explore your garden ideas in simple perspective drawings.
  • Find that drawing can be simple and straightforward, while providing a basis to develop your own graphic communication style and most importantly, your confidence.

I really enjoyed the Garden Graphics Tool Kit and learned so much. Before enrolling, I felt like my garden plan drawings didn’t have a true style. I was always trying to fix and hide the "mistakes" that I saw. Lisa celebrated the special things about my drawings that I used to consider flaws. She encouraged me to keep exploring my style and trying new things.  After taking the course, I realized that we all have a unique style inside each of us.  Now my style feels more cohesive, my drawings are more engaging, and I am able to focus on designing creative landscape solutions instead of dwelling on perceived mistakes.  I feel much more confident now!

The inspiration and advice I received from all of my talented coursemates during my time in Garden Graphics Tool Kit  was invaluable. I've made so many new friends from all around the world! 

Amy Fedele,, USA

This class has been everything you said it would be. I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to keep up or do well at all and I’ve proved myself wrong time and time again. I’m thrilled with my progress and just how much I have learned. My chicken scratch drawing skills have been replaced with some actual skill. You’ve been just amazing, thank you!!!

Geta Winberg, landscape designer, Canada

What's Inside Garden Graphics Tool Kit...



One of the most important skills of graphic communication is using proper line weights. In a nutshell, line weights are simply using different line thicknesses to add depth and clarity to your drawings.

This magical technique is often unknown to those starting out in design, but when mastered can transform your garden vision.

This module will give an overview of this beautiful skill and identify the proper drawing tools to create them, while allowing you to start practicing line weights on provided garden plans.

Line weights will then be covered over and over again through the rest of this course to refine your drawing skills via varied garden elements. 



Garden design at its core is about designing outdoor rooms, so though this course is focused on drawing skills (and not design), I feel it's important to teach graphics within a design framework. As you learn and draw each garden room plane, I hope you’ll start dreaming about your own outdoor spaces in a three-dimensional manner.

This module will focus on drawing garden floor elements in plan view (birds-eye view), such as wood, brick pavers, flagstone, lawn, water, and groundcovers.

While learning these different elements, line weights will once again be discussed, as well as, achieving strong contrast and textures to add clarity and character to your drawings.

Partially designed garden plans will be provided to allow you to practice these skills and dabble a bit in designing your own garden floor elements. 



In this module you will start to define your garden room by drawing elements that typically create the walls, such as perennials, shrubs, trees, fences, and actual walls!

This module will focus on garden walls in both plan (birds-eye view) and elevation (as if you’re standing in front and looking at it).

The cool part is drawing in both plan and elevation simultaneously. It gives you (and a potential client) a better understanding of how a planting or overall space will look. Honestly, it's magical.

Of course, I’ll also provide partially designed garden plans and elevations so you can practice these skills. This is one of the largest modules, so will be split between two weeks.



In this module we’ll learn to draw elements that might overhang a garden room such as lights, pergolas, arbors, tree canopies, and umbrellas. With your refined line weight skills, paired with your new garden floor and wall drawing techniques, this section will start to pull all three garden planes into one drawing, so you can see how they look together. As always, I’ll provide the structure of a garden, then you can fill in all the nifty details and create something amazing.



Now that you know how to draw the floor, walls and ceiling of your garden, it’s time to make it cozy with furniture. As with any indoor room, you’ll want to place chairs, couches, and tables in a way that either encourages discussion or perhaps provides a quiet place for contemplation. Either way, furniture allows you to enjoy and use your outdoor space. This module will show how to draw and use line weights to properly layer your furniture over the details of the garden floor.



Once you’ve mastered the details of drawing the garden floor, walls and ceiling it’s time to add color! This module will teach you the basics of using color pencil and color marker, so you can make your drawings pop even more. We’ll learn about harmonious color combinations, create color swatches, then practice on provided garden plans. 



This final module will showcase a simple and quick approach to drawing your garden vision in perspective. Using photographs, tracing paper, plus the framework of one- and two-point perspective you’ll be amazed at how your vision can be transformed into a simple, engaging perspective drawing. 


8 weeks of awesome content

engaging workbooks and videos provided asynchronously

a vibrant online community

weekly live Q+As

Two bonus handbooks

One-time payment of $1250 (or three $435 payments)

Enrollment open again January 2024

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Please note this course will only be offered once a year, so please plan ahead. We cover a lot of content and if you are able to dedicate time to the activities you will see results, while having fun in the process. It's magical. The bonus is that you will meet talented designers from around the world cheering you on along the way.

Enrolling in the Garden Graphics Tool Kit is the best thing I've done since commencing garden design. I feel so much more confident in my drawings already. 

I have nothing but full appreciation for the skills and talent Lisa is imparting in this course. I love the workbooks particularly and will bind them once class is complete. It will make such a great reference.

Alise Mac, Australia

Lisa is putting together a solid foundation for students to grow their abilities.  I do admire how methodical and organized this course is.  I found this to be true for every module I went through. Lisa was meant to be a teacher.

Tammy Sheffer-Bracha, landscape designer, USA

I love Lisa’s enthusiasm and encouragement as we move through these modules.  Thank you for your instruction, encouragement, and inspiring us to learn new things. You should feel extremely validated in your efforts to teach the Garden Graphics Tool Kit!

ps: I had not heard of you until 2 days before enrollment. I am glad I took the chance.

 June Okamoto, landscape designer, USA