I'm crazy about garden design and graphics.

It's this passion that drives me to create content for you. I love learning and teaching from new angles, while unraveling the mysteries of landscape design. Please drop me a note if you have questions or ideas for future content at [email protected]. I'd love to hear from you!

The shift to teaching

With my design experiences in hand I began my shift towards teaching. Teaching took many forms that included a position as the education coordinator, then assistant director at a public garden, the creation of an award-winning garden design website, the publication of an ebook, many presentations to garden groups across the US then finally landing my dream job in 2011...teaching landscape design in the Department of Horticulture at Iowa State University.

Sharing my love of gardens is transformed through energetic dialogue, plus a special skill: illustration. I've had the pleasure of creating many illustrations for online companies and publications like Monrovia Nursery, Country Gardens and Garden Gate Magazine.

The best part is combining these skills to teach you about garden design and graphics through courses, my blog and my awesome free newsletter, THE PENCIL CASE Click below to join the garden party.

I'd love to learn more about garden design!

Objectives of


  • To provide content on how to plan, design and draw your garden (which happens on paper initially!)

  • To provide activities and formats for you to try some of these concepts (this is the workshop part)

  • To provide garden design examples from a unique angle to constantly inspire you

  • To provide a place that is spirited, fresh, and welcoming no matter your design experience level