Lisa is a great speaker, very enthusiastic. Fun subject matter, good talk on all levels of design experience.

-Workshop participant

Learning about garden design is a ton of fun

Whether I visit your group in person or virtually I strive to teach garden design, planning and graphics from an engaging angle. Let's laugh and learn together.

You're invited to explore my presentation and workshop topics below, plus my upcoming schedule.

It was my pleasure to hear you speak at the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival and to speak with you afterwards. Your idea of taking a favorite food (PB&J) and turning it into inspiration for a garden was fantastic! I’ve never heard anyone suggest this approach to garden design before and I thoroughly enjoyed this mind-expanding encouragement. You did a great job in keeping the audience interested and taking us through the steps to creating a garden that would be meaningful and fun! Thanks so much!

-Karen, Orlando, Florida


How to Create an Out-of-the-Ordinary Theme Garden

This topic is based on my eBook: The Peanut Butter & Jelly Garden

Planting Design Tips

My 10+ tips for organizing the plants in your garden

Advanced Planting Design

Planting models, plus current trends and designers in planting design

Creating Garden Rooms

Unraveling the design process to help you delineate living and planting spaces.

Exploring the Basics of Garden Graphics

An interactive presentation that introduces ways to communicate your designs graphically. This is a very short version of my all-day workshop.

Garden Design Principles

This topic highlights the visual building blocks of landscape design.

Lisa, thank you for being our keynote speaker at the “Cooper Young Garden Walk”. Your gift for breaking down the magic and mystery of garden design into bite size gems was exactly what we were looking for! Your beautiful illustrations paired with step by step engaging explanations were a hit with our garden visitors!

— Kim Halyak, Cooper-Young Garden Club President, Memphis, TN


Planting Design Basics

This workshop explores the beauty of arranging plant materials in your garden beds. Topics include the elements of planting design (form, texture and color), traditional and contemporary planting models, plus some basic graphics of plant symbols and drawing in elevation, so you can communicate your ideas to others. 

Exploring the Basics of Garden Graphics

Spend an entire day learning how to draw proper line weights, textures, plant symbols, and plant forms in elevation. Plus we'll learn about labeling plants on a plan and a few other odds and ends. 

The Garden Room Method

This workshop will challenge you to look at landscape design as a series of purposeful outdoor spaces. Our day will be filled with a series of short exercises to show how you can create one lovely outdoor room. Exercises include finding focus for your garden, arranging the space, giving it form, then finally enclosing it with walls and a ceiling. 

I just loved being at your afternoon session on planting design basics. The time flew but I learned so much and feel so energized and inspired. Thank you for being generous with the information you have learned and what you love. It has spread beauty to my soul.

-Lauren, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Let's explore garden design topics for your group.  

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