Chevron Garden

herringbone brick pattern
Merriam-Webster dictionary defines chevron as a shape, pattern or object in the form of a V or an upside-down V.  It can also be shown proudly on the sleeve of a military or police uniform to show rank. This simple pattern often pops up in the garden as the traditional brick herringbone pattern, but also in contemporary ways on a myriad of structures such as planters, arbors, gates and doorways. How have you seen the chevron pattern used in the garden?


1. Decoholic | This teal tile somehow combines both a traditional and contemporary feel.

2. Stuff Seth Makes | What a beautiful way to recycle wood pallets into something functional.

3. Four Generations One Roof | A minty-sweet twist to a traditional doorway.

4. Mark D. Sikes | A lovely detail that makes these gates pop in a simple, formal design.

5. Lisa Orgler Instagram | A worn herringbone pattern on the sidewalks of Burlington, Iowa.

6. Better Homes & Gardens | A fresh way to stylize the back of a dynamic arbor.

7. HGTV | Rustic charm to separate your outdoor spaces.

8. Elements of Style | A traditional pattern always adds extra charm to a cottage garden.

9. Smile and Wave | Fabulous contrast of a white angled trellis against horizontal blue siding.

I've collected many more images on Pinterest if you'd like additional ideas of how to use the chevron pattern in your garden. 


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