Curvilinear Preliminary Design

curvilinear landscape design
About a year ago I did a series of posts that showcased three parts of the design process. For those that struggle with how to start their landscape design this process is amazing. The idea is to arrange your spaces conceptually with bubbles, move those bubbles towards strong shapes, then finally place plant materials to reinforce your outdoor rooms. Click on the steps below to learn about them in more detail.

1. Bubble (or Functional) Diagrams

2. Garden Structure Studies

3. Preliminary Designs

Last year I created four garden structure options and drew one as a preliminary design.  I promised to choose another in the future and here we are!  Several of you asked if I would draw the curvilinear design, so you can now find it below. Enjoy!

Garden Graphics Tool Kit

An awesome online course that teaches simple and fun drawing techniques to help communicate your garden vision. Enrollment open in January each year.

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