Drawing Plant Symbols Practice Sheet

plant symbols

In a couple of months I'll be giving my first public workshop on landscape graphics. Since this workshop is only one of many at a larger conference I felt it was necessary to not require participants to bring along drawing tools, so I've been working hard to come up with ways to practice these skills in a simple way...which hopefully benefits you too (look way below for a fun practice sheet!).

One of the skills I'll be discussing is drawing plant symbols.  I've shown the steps of drawing a plant symbol below, plus have provided a collection of different types of deciduous and evergreen symbols farther down that someone could use on a landscape plan. 

Now let's actually draw these plant symbols! I've included a practice sheet with the "pencil" circles already drawn, so all you have to do is use your felt tip pen (or whatever drawing tool you have handy) and draw your own plant symbols. Just click on the practice sheet below for a .pdf that you can print out for yourself. Experiment and enjoy!

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