Folding and Rolling

folding and rolling paper

Though we can cover many complicated things in design, sometimes I like to step back and cover the basics. Two of those things include how to simply roll and fold a plan when storing or transporting them.


The idea here is to roll your plan/image so it faces out, rather than in. We often want the image inside the roll because we want to protect it, but when you roll it this way the edges curl up when you lay it back out (super annoying). If you roll your plan with the image on the outside, it lays much flatter. If you’re concerned about your plan getting dirty, simply roll a protective sheet over it.


When working with smaller plans it’s often more appropriate to fold (rather than roll) them into a neat and tidy package. An 11” x 17” plan folds perfectly into an 8 1/2” x 11” format, so you can easily include it with other important project documents.

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