Gardens Rock

boulder and rock drawing

A garden can feel richer and more grounded when using a natural element such as stone. Some would even say it’s the “bones” of a garden (Spirit of Stone). Stone can be used in walls, paths, stairs, edging, plus as lovely focal points and sculptures. 

Boulders are one type of stone that is often used as a decorative feature in the garden and the one I’m asked the most how to draw. Below are images of boulders in both plan (looking from above) and elevation (from the side) that I hope will inspire you. 

To draw boulders I typically use a heavy line on the outside (.01-.05 pen) depending on how large it is, plus a thinner line (.005 pen) on the inside for details. 

You can also click here to download a template to trace onto a design: 


These are not drawn to a particular scale since there are so many sizes, but I hope they will help get you started on your rock-drawing journey. For additional inspiration, please take a peek at my GARDENS ROCK PINTEREST BOARD.


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