How to Group Plant Symbols

grouping plant symbols

For those that enjoyed my How to Draw a Plant Symbol tutorial, here is the next step...grouping plant symbols.  A general rule of thumb for planting design is to group plants in odd numbers (though once you've exceeded eight in a group you can drop this rule). I've included some steps below, plus a short video on how to draw these plant groups.


1. Using a circle template, draw your plants using circles. Don't be afraid to overlap the circles a bit (so in real life your plants form a mass).

2. Use a felt tip marker to outline the outside edge of the group (with whatever plant edge you'd like...see some examples above).

Don't ink the lines that overlap. This technique emphasizes the plant group (rather than the individual plants). Graphically, it's also easier to read. It's okay if your pencil lines show, since the ink will dominate.

3. Use a gray chisel tip marker to add ground shadows (all on the same side...typically the bottom right or bottom left).

4. Note that cross-hairs in the middle of the plant indicate it's proposed, while a dot indicates existing.

5. Only group plants graphically that are all the same species.

If this is too difficult to visualize, please visit my short video here:


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