My Sketchbook

garden sketchbook

I always carry a sketchbook with me.  It's my place to capture ideas...whether in words or images.  I started this quest to save my thoughts in large (8.5" x 11" or bigger) sketchbooks, but failed to fill them in. The main reason - they were too bulky to carry with me.  My ideas didn't conveniently appear when my sketchbook was sitting next to me, but when I was out in the world without it. 

I finally realized my sketchbooks had to be small so I could tuck them into my purse. Now I easily fill each one and have a lovely collection of illustrations, quotes, processes, product ideas and so on.  Some people ask, "why don't you just use a camera to collect ideas?" Because sometimes there isn't some "thing" from which to take a photo. Seeing can lead to processing new concepts that needs to be jotted down. I also love practicing techniques like lettering, textures, line weights and drawing plants. A camera can't capture everything.

I have to admit, these have been great for my kids too.  When we are waiting at a restaurant or doctor's office, I can whip out my sketchbook and they are mesmerized as they fill in blank pages with their beautiful drawings. If you would like to capture your ideas and have a place to draw on the spot, find a sweet little sketchbook to tuck into your pocket. Please share photos of your sketchbook on my Facebook page or on Instagram with #DrawYourGarden.

Garden Graphics Tool Kit

An awesome online course that teaches simple and fun drawing techniques to help communicate your garden vision. Enrollment open in January each year.

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