My Theme Garden Design Process (+ a Knitting Garden!)

knitting theme garden

Over twenty years ago, while studying landscape architecture, I was asked to develop a concept for my first landscape design. I struggled with this idea for the next two years until the light bulb switched on and I finally understood that a concept was the magical tool that focused a design and helps you make meaningful choices.

Following graduation, I strived to create an easy step-by-step method from idea to physical form. I used this method for eight years while I worked at a local botanic garden and currently I use this same process to teach undergraduate landscape design students about concept development.

This process takes place by following five steps...with lots of fun along the way. I've listed the steps below, but I've found they make more sense within context, so please click on the link waaay below to see how I created a KNITTING GARDEN. By the end of the five steps we'll have a new garden plan with an out-of-the-ordinary theme. BTW, I developed this garden theme with many of you via social media several years ago. It was a fun process designing it together. I can't wait to show you!

We have a lot of work to do, so let's get to it! Let's jump into THE KNITTING GARDEN and the five steps of developing a theme garden.


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Let's do this!