garden games

My world has been extremely busy lately. I often find myself jumping from one project to the next without much of a breather. For my own sanity, it is important to take breaks through exercise, drawing, reading and even playing games. The latter is something I don't do enough, so thought it would be fun to explore game-playing through the eye of a garden designer.

 The benefits of game-playing for me include:

  • Shifting my mind to break daily patterns (so I become open to creative ideas and don’t get stuck in a rut)

  • Socializing and building team-skills (especially with my kids!)

  • Problem-solving in a fun, non-stressful way

  • Sharpening those lighthearted competitive skills

  • Encouraging laughter (if you find amazing teammates!)

To foster game-playing in your busy life I’ve created two garden-style tic-tac-toe boards. Click on the images above and below to access .pdfs that you can print on cardstock. Cut out the playing pieces, then allow your brain to relax and shift focus.


The Garden Design Collective

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