Garden Doodle Sheets

ink drawing of landscape plan

Garden design can be intimidating when we don’t know where to start, so let me help you tiptoe into this beautiful new world. I’ll provide the garden design outlines and you simply jump in and add the fun details. Allow yourself to create and draw without judgement. 

I've included two outlines of plans below so you can try some garden doodling. When you click on the image it will take you to a workbook that includes not only these plans, but also ones without plants (so you can try your own combination), plus some of my garden doodle examples.  

If needed here are some additional resources:

Drawing Plant Symbols Practice Sheet

Drawing Ground Textures

Line Weights for Landscape Plans

When you've completed your garden doodles, please share them on Instagram with #DrawYourGarden.

Garden Graphics Tool Kit

An awesome online course that teaches simple and fun drawing techniques to help communicate your garden vision. Enrollment open in January each year.

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