Garden Triangles

triangles in the garden as topiary

I enjoy connecting patterns seen in fashion to garden design, so when my daughter purchased a pair of socks covered in triangles I began my search for the same shape in gardens. Below is a sprinkling of images that have beautifully incorporated the triangle into the landscape. Can you find all the triangles below? If you'd like to see more examples, please visit my Pinterest board

Images via: 1. Pinterest (original source unknown) | 2. Planters Garden | 3. DIY Crafts You | 4. In the Family Lawn Care | 5. Back Bay Pottery | 6. Landezine | 7. Chiot's Run | 8. Cowparsley


Garden Graphics Tool Kit

An awesome online course that teaches simple and fun drawing techniques to help communicate your garden vision. Enrollment open in January each year.

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